Laser Point and C.R.&C. Poised to Deliver New Options to the Laser Market

Vimodrone, November 28th, 2018 - Laser Point and C.R.&C. are proud to announce their strategic partnership: this venture will enable new solutions through the integration of Laser Point’s skills on laser measurement technologies with C.R.&C. thorough knowledge and expertise in the design of SW & HW solutions, especially on RF, analog and high-speed digital systems. The new solutions will provide to customers the benefits of the robust technological features that the Laser Point platform already delivers, with advanced software and hardware solutions that will be added by C.R.&C. derived from its traditional TLC boundaries, to ensure that the new generation of instruments and products will be leading technology innovators.

C.R.&C. is focused on delivering strong performance and long-term growth opportunities. The strategic partnership with Laser Point confirms the Company’s will to be a pioneer in developing new applications, to diversify its end markets and to drive new demands for its broad range of high technology knowhow. The ongoing actions have created an excellent base for future performance being aimed to strengthen C.R.&C. competitive advantages and build sustained financial strength while expanding its high technology products.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Laser Point: over the years we have built a trusted relationship and valuable team. Together we can solve complex technology challenges to help final customers realize greater value, get new potential opportunities and achieve new targets.” said Mr. Nello Brivio, CEO of C.R.&C. “We are experts in RF technologies, high-speed FPGA design and we accurately look after the whole product life cycle by delivering reliability, manufacturing and supply chain solutions: this expertise will be brought at every stage of product development with Laser Point – from the proof of concept, to the drawing of boards, to full-scale production and after-market services. Our talented teams will imagine, develop and deliver a better future to both Companies and to our customers.”

Dr. Andrea Brinciotti, Managing Director at Laser Point said “We look for innovative companies to work with in order to create solutions which introduce technologies that do not belong to Laser Point DNA, solve real customers problems and leverage our history of exceptional technology expertise. In C.R.&C we found a complementary profound knowledge and expertise, and this will prove to be extremely valuable for our current and future projects. This partnership aligns with our long-term strategies on many fronts and, in the immediate, supports the creation of new solutions in the laser measurement market which is Laser Point core business.”

About Laser Point

Laser Point is a trusted organization, globally known for the development and manufacturing of instruments for laser measurements and laser systems with its headquarter in Italy. It owns a wide range of proprietary technologies and patents, covering an extensive variety of markets and applications. Laser Point uses a multiplicity of coating for its power and energy sensors, including the SHC (Super Hard Coating), capable to withstand the power densities typical of high brightness lasers or multi-kW lasers.

The latest achievement of Laser Point’s innovation is the Blink series of sensors (patent pending), characterized by an unprecedented speed. Specifically designed to measure pulse energies of ultrafast lasers, Blink HS is the only sensor in the market capable of measuring pulsed lasers with repetition rate over 1 MHz, while maintaining a broadband operation (from UV to IR) and the ability to handle high powers. Other business operations include laser system engineering and optical sensors for the industry.

Laser Point designs and develops systems using different laser technologies, for application ranging from micromachining to laser cleaning. A special effort is also dedicated to innovative laser applications, such as the precise ablation of SiC crystals, where Laser point owns an extensive knowhow.

About C.R.&C.

C.R.&C. is an Italy based enterprise specialized in the design of HW & SW, industrial engineering, testing equipment and aftersales services. C.R.&C.’s engineers have their origins in the RF and high-speed digital electronics and gained a deep knowledge of TLC products and infrastructures from many years of experience in product engineering and RF/IF units manufacturing. This knowledge and expertise are applied to all aspects of the provided services including the design, manufacturing and distribution of RF, digital and analog systems, electronic boards for control systems, communication and power supply.

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Laser Point and C.R.&C.  Poised to Deliver New Options to the Laser Market

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