Testing & Repair


We are Specialize In

  • Wireless & Microwave
  • Wimax & Lte
  • GSM & TMA
  • Fixedline & Broadband Access
  • Power Supply
  • CPE Routers
  • End of Life Management


Thanks to our Industrial Engineering expertise, we are able to setup the repair activities of almost all equipments present in the Telecommunication and Energy Market, included the design Hardware/Software and manufacturing of the Test Benches needed.

  • Our repair portfolio covers a large portion of the entire telecommunications requirement. CR&C has the in-house capability to repair thousands different unit types. The complete list of our portfolio is available on demand.
  • Spare Part Management and Refurbished
  • CR&C's Warehouse encompasses a large stock of new and refurbished spare parts belonging to the major OEM


End Of Life Management

Due to components obsolescence, production outage and companies merge and acquisitions, EoL or EoS are more and more common in the ITC market. In order to face this critical issue CR&C provides its customers with several tailored solutions according to client/product needs, such as: